L’Art de la Degustation


Ballantine’s 12 Year Old Whisky

'The Sinking of the Eira' by B. Leigh Smith, 1882

L’Art de la Degustation (The Art of Tasting) reinvents the ritual of drinking whisky with a design inspired by the concept of equilibrium and the traditional process of distilling whisky using an alembic.

The glass is designed to create a more engaging experience while drinking whisky. The hole inside the glass encourages the user to circulate and observe the whisky while creating a surprising element of risk and play. The hole also allows more air to come through into the glass, thus producing a softer aroma. The whisky always rests in a perfect balance in the glass, encouraging one to slow down the drinking ritual in order to appreciate the colour, bouquet and taste of the whisky more fully.

The metal base fits perfectly into each glass and is used to chill the whisky in a more delicate and sophisticated manner. Instead of using ice the metal base is placed in the freezer and then served with the glass. The holes in the glass and the carafe allow for the set to be stacked on the central column of the tray.

The limited edition set is presented in a box and comprises three glasses, three metal serving bases, a whisky carafe, serving tray and a bottle of Ballantine’s Aged 12 Years Whisky. The set is sold out is no longer available. 

For Ballantine’s 12 Year Old Whisky, commissioned by Pernod Ricard.