Core Axe



Photo © Kim Høltermad

The Core Axe consists of a helve and two interchangeable heads. The straight shaft helve is made from a sandwich of carbon fibre zaiìra® and ash wood. The layering construction is inspired by zai’s process and philosophy of making skis using raw and contrasting materials in Disentis, Switzerland. Carbon fibre zaiìra® is used to provide strength whilst the ash wood forms a protective shell around the core and pays homage to the heritage of a traditional axe.

The form of the helve has been refined to be slim and lightweight, reducing the thickness substantially to 13mm along the spine. The weight of the axe is thereby focused at the head; generating greater striking momentum and efficiency when cutting or splitting wood.

The two heads are made from forged high carbon steel with a blackened finish. They can be changed using the integrated quick release system; allowing for secure head attachment, easier sharpening and safer transportation. Each head has a different function, one is for felling trees and the other for splitting logs of wood.

zai Core Axe is a quintessential companion for the mountains, around the chalet or on a trek.

Axe 28” helve - Ash wood + Carbon Fibre
Felling head - Forged high Carbon Steel 1200g
Splitting head - Forged high Carbon Steel 1500g

ECAL/Kacper Hamilton


Michal Florence Schorro & Prune Simon-Vermot

ECAL/Nicolas Genta