Kacper Hamilton Studio

'Constantinople' by A. Rouargu, 1855

A series of glass decanters designed by Kacper Hamilton & Ezgi Turksoy. The designers were inspired by scrap glass pieces found at a glassblowers workshop in London. They found a strange beauty within each scrap piece as they contained natural flaws from the process of blowing glass, which cannot normally be made intentionally or replicated. The forms of the found pieces have a strong visual reference of an architectural landscape, which reminded the designers of Istanbul with its tall Minarets towering above the rest of the city.

The design duo have created an edition of 8 unique decanters, which use the scrap glass pieces as the main feature. They act as stoppers and can also be used as drinking glasses, whilst the large vessels hold the desired liquid.

Unique pieces, signed & numbered.
Handmade in England.

‘Minarets’ are part of the permanent museum collection of the Shanghai Museum of Glass.

Please contact the studio for further details on availability.


Photo © Wallpaper* Magazine