Mass of Time



‘Mass of Time’ is a conceptual instrument that weighs predefined periods of time using a set of scales and a sand timer. Kacper Hamilton was interested to investigate and challenge the perception and passing of time. This piece is about interpreting time as solid matter, something which can be handled and is physically present.

Each machined aluminium weight presents a diagram of grams, seconds & minutes; allowing one to measure three, five or ten minutes. The ritual starts with a chosen weight or time period being placed on one side of the scales, the sand timer is then opened by turning the stopcock thereby allowing the sand to fall onto the brass bowl. Once the blue hand is balanced in the middle, the designated time has elapsed. The contrasting colour of the white sand underlines purity, wholeness and perfection.

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‘Mass of Time’ pays reference to the Ancient Egyptian ceremony, ‘Weighing of the Heart’, where a persons heart was weighed against a feather to decide their fate for the afterlife.



This unique piece of work was commissioned by Clarks and The Halo Trust. As part of the Clarks: Rebooted exhibition, the piece was exhibited at Design Shanghai (March 2015), Salone del Mobile Milan (April 2015), Frieze Art Fair New York (May 2015), London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and Frieze Art Fair London (October 2015). In October 2015, the piece was sold at an auction at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. All the proceeds were donated to The Halo Trust Charity.






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