Wallpaper* Handmade

Okunoin (Mausoleum of Kobo Daishi) - Mount Kōya, Japan

For the annual celebration of craftsmanship , Wallpaper* Magazine gathers the world's finest creative minds and manufacturing talents to create a veritable feast of design excellence. The results are showcased in Milan during Salone del Mobile, the production process duly documented in the August issue of Wallpaper*.

For the 2015 edition Handmade exhibition, Kacper Hamilton was invited & challenged to repurpose a wine crate as stylish storage for wines in the urban home.

Hamilton designed a 3D tessellated modular storage system called 'Tessera', which allows a wine crate to be reconfigured into a boundless wine rack. Inspired by John Hegarty’s biodynamic winemaking, the pieces were crafted by Temper Studio from mitre-jointed English Oak, charred on the interior to reference wine barrels and hand-rubbed with Danish oil. The pieces incorporate a 'wabi-sabi’ aesthetic in the use of simple, natural materials and processes that are precisely worked yet imperfect in nature and will age and wear beautifully. The bottles are held in place by black cord, which is interwoven around the walls of each module. The leather straps secure the crate and can also become a wall-hanging strap when used as a wine rack.

The project is a collaboration between Wallpaper* Handmade, Hegarty Chamans, Temper Studio & Kacper Hamilton. April 2015