'Mass of Time’ at Cube Design Museum


MASS OF TIME - A conceptual instrument designed by Kacper Hamilton is being displayed at a new exhibition entitled ‘Time Matters’ at the Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands. The exhibition brings together 30 contemporary time-related works by well-known artists and designers from around the world. Link to the exhibition website. Exhibition dates: 1st June 2020 – 3rd January 2021. 

Further details about exhibition and photos here.

 “Designers and artists have always had a pioneering approach to contemporary subject matters and time is an extremely fascinating theme - the very word evokes a whole spectrum of possible meanings. Encompassing art and design, these visionary projects provide a new, open interpretation of time. The exhibits highlight the relativity of time as they suggest both the desire for a vertiginous acceleration or the need for a slower pace. In this respect, all projects reflect the contemporary world with its contradictions and multiplicity of points of view.” - Cube Design Museum
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