EXQUIS for Baccarat in BLUEPRINT Magazine


EXQUIS, a collection of three unique vases designed by KACPER HAMILTON to celebrate Baccarat’s ancestry, was published in Blueprint Magazine within Blueprint’s selection of London Design Festival 2012. 

“Ever played the parlour game where everyone draws different bits of a body – first head, then torso, then legs and feet – continuing each section of the body on another person’s drawing, so that you end up with a series of (usually) hilariously disjointed bodies? Well the game has a name – Exquisite Corpse, or Cadavre Exquis, as its French surrealist inventors dubbed it – and British designer Kacper Hamilton has just used this technique to create both a series of striking new vases for Baccarat, and a tool for commissioning future work. “

London Design Festival 2012 Roundup Issue 321, December 2012.

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